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If you missed our list of new books in the bookstore, go back to last week’s blog and check it out. This week we feature nine new books that were not on last week’s list.

Saints of England’s Golden Age: A Collection of the Lives of Holy Men and Women Who Flourished in Orthodox Christian Britain

          The lives and miracles of over fifty English Orthodox Saints from the sixth through the early eighth centuries.

Our Holy Father Dorotheos of Gaza:Various Soul Profitting Instructions

          “A masterful and fresh ‘Orthodox’ translation of this great sixth-century classic of Patristic wisdom from the desert of Gaza, which is a virtual catechism of Orthodox spiritual life and thought.”
—Bishop Auxentios of Etna and Portland

Abba Dorotheos of Gaza: His letters and various of his sayings

          According to the translator, this book “promises rich inner nourishment for anyone seeking the secrets and delights of the life in Christ.”

Homilies on the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel by St. Gregory the Dialogist

          The first English translation of the sermons of St. Gregory the Dialogist, Pope of Rome delivered in 593, during very turbulent times. Having experienced wars, plagues, invasions, floods as well as spiritual threats to the Church, St. Gregory believed that the end was near and used these sermons to prepare his flock.

Exposition of the Gospel of St. Luke by St. Ambrose of Milan

          The first translation into English of a magnificent verse-by-verse commentary on Saint Luke’s Gospel by one of the greatest exegetes of the Orthodox Church in the West. An essential resource for clergy and laity alike, this is a valuable addition to the steadily growing body of Patristic Biblical interpretation in English translation. No fewer than fourteen Icons, drawn from such centers as Sinai, Georgia, Novgorod, Patmos, and Ravenna, are reproduced in this book.

The life and Teaching of the Holy and Blessed Teacher Synkletica by St. Athanasios the Great

          The life and conduct of the holy and blessed teacher Synkletike.

St. Seraphim of Sofia: His Life, Teachings etc.

          Compiled by the Convent of the Protection of the Holy Theotokos, Sofia, Bulgaria and translated by Schemanun Seraphima. St. Seraphim, Archbishop of Bogucharsk and Wonderworker of Sofia, was born in Russia and left during the early years of the revolution and lived in Bulgaria for 29 years as a bishop, teaching and professing the truth of Orthodoxy with humility and love. Many photographs in color and sepia. With apologies, a photo of this book cover could not be located.

St. Seraphim of Sophia and the Moscow Patriarchate

 Saint Seraphim has been portrayed by some as sympathetic to Sergianism and the position of the Stalin-sponsored Moscow Patriarchate. In this work, Konstantin Todorov astutely refutes these ideas, arguing that the Saint was uncompromising in his traditionalist Orthodox confession and anti-Soviet convictions. He perpicuously demonstrates that the holy man’s choices in the last few years of his life, viewed by some as compromises, were in fact the result of his isolation in Communist Bulgaria, his difficulty in communicating with the Church at large, and disinformation disseminated by the Soviets. He was above all, the author concludes, consistently and unwaveringly motivated in is decisions and actions by a desire to preserve the integrity of the Orthodox Faith and to protect and assure the spiritual growth of his flock.

The Evergetinos– all four volumes.

          One of the classic collections of Orthodox spiritual writings, the Evergetinos is a source of inspiration, spiritual guidance, and insight into the lives of men and women who, during the first few centuries of Christianity, attained to the highest ideals of the spiritual life.

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