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Celebrate the Feast of the Nativity by giving the gift of a better understanding of Orthodoxy, prayer, and the saints of God with these books now available in our bookstore. Or choose one for your own spiritual growth.

St. Sergius: Beacon in the Wilderness of Radonezh (Children’s book) by George and Christian Danias

About 700 years ago, in the dense forest of Radonezh not far from Moscow, a humble monk built a small wooden church and dedicated it to the Holy Trinity. In the span of a few years, that ascetic’s reputation began to spread far and wide. People began to visit the area in order to consult with the elder — even royalty considered it an honor to speak with him! Today, there is a magnificent monastery in the place where that small Church once stood. But what happened to that humble monk?

          In the pages of this book, you will read all about the wondrous life of that monk — Saint Sergius of Radonezh — and how he became a beacon of the holy Orthodox faith and a river of holiness!

St. John Chrysostom on the Jesus Prayer by Very Rev. Archimandrite Maximos Constas (Author) and Rev. Fr. Peter Chamberas (Author)

Since the middle Byzantine period, one of the most widely read texts on the Jesus Prayer was a lengthy letter said to be written by St John Chrysostom. The letter assumed increasing authority in the late Byzantine period when it was cited approvingly by the Synodical Tome of 1341, which championed the theology of St Gregory Palamas. The letter remained canonical reading through the eighteenth century, when it was mentioned by St Nikodemos in his prologue to the Philokalia. This book studies the history of this letter and its authorship, and presents the original Greek text together with a facing-page English translation. The book concludes with an additional work on the Jesus Prayer by St Mark of Ephesus.

Healing of the Healers: Clergyman as Penitent by Hieromonk Gregorios

In the Church, Christ’s clinic, his co-celebrant practices the science of healing, for he is the one who “will refashion the creature, who will restore the image and create citizens for the world above, and greatest of all, be God and make others God.”

In the Church, Christ’s clinic, his co-celebrant practices the science of healing, for he is the one who “will refashion the creature, who will restore the image and create citizens for the world above, and greatest of all, be God and make others God.”

The Refuge by St. Ignatius Brianchaninov

          The Refuge is an exposition of the concrete actions we should take if we truly desire to live with and in God. It weaves together meditations on scripture (from the Psalms in particular) and amplifies these with the wisdom of early Christian saints, in particular the ascetical writings of St. John of the Ladder, St. Macarius the Great, and St. Isaac the Syrian. It is an active exhortation for us to reacquire the original nobility with which God fashioned us in the beginning.

Of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven: A practical Theology of Disability by Summer Kinard

Written by an autistic mother of four autistic children, this book gives special attention to children with developmental disabilities. For instance, how to teach a nonverbal child to pray.  Disability is not a boundary to holiness, because God is with us. But it can sometimes be an obstacle to full participation in the life of the Church, simply because many do not understand what is needed to help people with disabilities overcome any physical, mental, or interpersonal challenges they may face in church and in leading an Orthodox Christian life. This book addresses the question from theological, practical, and experiential perspectives, giving individuals and families with disabilities the opportunity to voice their needs and suggest some things the rest of us can do to make them welcome in the household of God. Online sample pages may be read here.

          Apostle to The Plains: The Life of Father Nicola Yanney by The Saint Raphael Clergy Brotherhood

In 1892, a young man left his home in the coastal foothills of Lebanon in search of a better life. Coming to America with his newlywed wife, he found work as a traveling peddler before settling on a small farm in central Nebraska. Years later, personal tragedy and an unexpected midnight visit from a saint changed the course of his life. Seeing the desperate need of his fellow Orthodox Christians and heeding God’s call, he would spend the rest of his life traversing the Great Plains as a circuit-riding priest, known to his thousands of parishioners as Father Nicola Yanney. His legacy stands alongside that of St. Raphael Hawaweeny, his mentor, as a seminal force in the American Orthodox Church of our day.

The Holy Angels by Mother Alexandra(New edition)

 First published in 1981 and long out of print, The Holy Angels has yet to be surpassed as a comprehensive and comprehensible account of the nature of the angels and their role in our salvation. In layperson’s terms, Mother Alexandra presents the essence of everything the Church has to teach us about the angels, beginning with the Old Testament, continuing through the New Testament, and concluding with the Tradition of the Church as expressed in her theology, hymnography, and iconography. For those who long to become better acquainted with these holy servants of God and to understand their role in our lives, this book is a great place to start.

On the Incarnation by St. Nikolai Velimirovic

On the Incarnation” is a series of ten sermons that flow together based on a particular text, that is, a commentary on the Prologue of the Gospel of John 1.1-18, plus the first two chapters of the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Its audience is the everyday listener and reader, and astutely uses stories, metaphors and literary images and illustrations in order to experientially explain and teach such highly philosophical and deeply theological topics as the beginning of creation, the relationship of the Word of God to God the Father, the identity of the Word of God with the only-begotten Son of God, the perennial tension between the law and the truth, the Incarnation in the flesh of the Word and Son of God, and the explanation of the virgin birth and identity of the virgin Mary.

The Friend of God: An Illustrated Manual of the Jesus Prayer

The Friend of God: An Illustrated Manual of the Jesus Prayer was born out of  years of practice and teaching and a generous impulse to pass on lessons from the Eastern Christian Spiritual Tradition to lay people so as to help them achieve a more ardent and fulfilling spiritual life. In this book, Fr. Daniel outline eight stages of the practice of the Jesus Prayer, quoting over 100 Holy Spiritual Guides covering topics like repentance, humility, use of the Prayer Rope, postures and breathing in prayer, and Prayer on the Lips, in the Mind, and of the Heart. A perfect guide for all spiritual seekers to sit with and enjoy and spiritually profit from again and again. Mother Macaria adds that this book is what she calls “ADD friendly.”

The Walking Saint: Patriarch Pavle of Serbia

The Walking Saint: Patriarch Pavle of Serbia is the first of its kind in print! Taken from the original sources in Serbian, from the Saint’s sermons, letters and writings, as well as from the documents surrounding his life in this past century, the author renders the story of this modern day saint in easy to read, first time ever English. Saint Pavle, who by age 6 was orphaned, living in three different homes, and who contracted tuberculosis as a young man, yet eventually became a great ascetic and monastic, then bishop in troubled territory of Kosovo and Metohija. As a Patriarch he lived during one of the most tumultuous periods in the history of the Balkans, through civil war, international intrigue and bombing, assassination attempts, genocide, and led not only a holy life, but was the supreme example of political and more importantly, spiritual peace to a land in desperate need of rejuvenation and renewal. The author also provides 100 of the most famous spiritual sayings and words of wisdom of Patriarch Pavle of Serbia, as well as a first-ever Akathist (“Hymn of Praise”) written in honor of the beloved Saint, that can be used liturgically in all Orthodox churches. A must read for all those as well who are still looking for answers to the age-old issues in this oft troubled land!

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Many thanks to Bookstore Manager Mother Macaria for providing this list. She is known for her cyclopedic knowledge of Orthodox literature and is usually in the bookstore Thursdays after 1:00 p.m. She is always delighted to welcome visitors and have conversations about Orthodoxy, regardless of your religious affiliation.


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