Joy of All Who Sorrow has been awarded a Historic Preservation Education Grant from Indiana Humanities and Indiana Landmarks in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Humanities.

This is a big deal! The grant will enable us to produce 4 short (up to 5 minutes each) educational videos, each depicting a different historic preservation project completed on our church building. The audience for these videos will be churches and other groups in Indiana (and beyond) who are challenged by restoring and maintaining historic buildings.

We will also reach schools of architecture at universities and colleges, high schools, our neighbors in the historic districts that surround us, and other people involved in or interested in maintaining the historical integrity of their neighborhoods.

Between now and June 2018, you may see Theodore with his videocam filming interviews and our architecture. Father Michael and Anya will also be extensively involved.

We have letters of support for this project from Herron High School, the Herron Morton Neighborhood Association, and Interim Dean Phil Repp, College of Architecture and Planning, Ball State University.

You can help too! Over the next year we will be inviting those who are interested in our videos to come to Indianapolis to tour our church. Would you like to be a tour guide? We will train you in the architectural features of our church and then put you on our tour guide list.

If you know anyone who is interested in architecture or historic renovation, let us know. We are building our distribution list and the people on it will be the first to be able to view each video as it is completed.

Questions? Comments? Contact Anna Glass at annetteglass03@gmail.com

Anna Glass just celebrated her three year anniversary of arriving at Joy of All Who Sorrow. She is a member of the board, the Grants Coordinator, and the coordinator of the Christmas Families Program.


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